New York City: My Trip(s) + Advice

NYC Trip 2

NYC Trip 2

I remember my first trip to NYC—I fell in love. I was a teenager, eager, with three of the most amazing women, and in full tourist mode.

I also remember my second trip to NYC. I fell out of love. The point of the second trip was to decide if I wanted to move and work there one day. After being in the city a mere hour, my suitcase was stolen. I had a less-than-stellar attitude from that moment on.

Finally, I remember my fourth and fifth trip to NYC. In my twenties, I experienced the city the way it was meant to be experienced. I ventured through Williamsburg and spent time in parks observing the human wildlife. I connected with old friends and made new ones. I had a drink at a bar I couldn’t quite afford.

Each of these visits taught me a little more about myself, my life and what I want to prioritize. And each time I go back, I pick up a different insight into who I am. With that, I believe New York, New York should be a trip for every young lady, a couple trips actually.

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