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London: To Market, To Market


London is famous for its markets, each one filled with it’s own personality and character. Being a naturally curious person, I’ve decided to spend some real time at as many of these markets as possible and take in the life found at them. The first to cross off my list: Camden Market.

I spent a sunny Sunday afternoon weaving in and out of stalls packed with screen printed tanks, one of a kind jewelry and food vendors yelling at me to try their chicken. It was so easy to get lost here; just when I thought I was out of the thicket, I found myself in another stretch of stalls.

Each little shop clearly had it’s own distinct style, filled with uniqueness. At times I had to peel myself away from something or remind myself, “No Mariah, you do not need another shirt with a wolf on it.”

It’s pretty difficult to fully describe Camden Market in a blog post, so I’m going to take a break  and let my photos do the talking for me. Enjoy.

edIMG_2680 A place to sit for lunch.
edIMG_2688 Oh hey there.
We should all live life like this guy.
A quick stop at Thai Thai for lunch.
edIMG_2729 Vitamin D anyone?