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London: Getting There

I’m here, in London and I’m really worn out. My travel began at 5am Tuesday morning. I couldn’t sleep at all because of the nerves and excitement bubbling inside me. “Oh well,” I thought, I can make up for it on the plane. After a few final cups of coffee at home and saying goodbye…

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London: Today I Love Mondays

Today, most people are pounding back a cup of coffee, begrudgingly heading off to work and saying goodbye to another weekend… but not me. I started my morning as usual, several cups of coffee and some CNN, but today I love Mondays because it means I leave for London tomorrow. Excited, anxious and slightly buzzed…

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London: Less Than a Week

Right now, I’m sitting on my couch; it’s big, it’s leathery and it’s comfortable. This time next week I won’t be sitting on my couch. I’ll be on an airplane; those are also big, not so leathery and slightly uncomfortable. My final destination: London. For three months that will be home. I’m going to start…